Product Showcase: Schwing Bioset Inc.'s Integrated Phosphate Management Systems & Services | The Powder Show 2020

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Product Showcase: Schwing Bioset Inc.'s Integrated Phosphate Management Systems & Services

Location: Booth 2709

Date: Thursday, April 30

Time: 12:15pm - 12:30pm

Track: Product Showcase

Vault Recording: TBD

Audience Level: All

Schwing Bioset provides Integrated Phosphate Management systems and
services that mitigate Struvite scaling issues with operations in municipal,
dairy and food-processing plants utilizing anaerobic digesters. The
technology also reduces phosphorus loads within the plant and helps meet
ever stricter discharge permit requirements. The technology utilizes a
two-stage treatment process in a variety of configurations to provide
customized solutions to individual plant requirements (ex: treating
digestate, centrate from dewatering or a "hybrid" combination of the two).
The primary focus of the technology is to provide optimal conditions for the
initial and / or further crystallization of Struvite (MgNH4PO4•6H2O) via a
first-stage aeration tank to achieve optimal pH conditions, followed by a
second-stage mixed tank with chemical dosing to complete the conversion
of organically-derived orthophosphate (PO43-) to Struvite crystals. The
formed crystals can be harvested and additionally thermally dried to
produce a free-flowing bulk solid product. Schwing Bioset also offers
off-take agreements through a partnership with a plant nutrient group that
further processes the Struvite into traditional fertilizer products, thereby
reclaiming a valuable commodity from traditional "waste" streams and
generating additional revenue for the end user. Schwing Bioset can
provide all equipment and services required for your Integrated Phosphate
Management needs.